Integrated Music Records

CatchArrow Recordings




Op. 1 Preludium a-moll
Op. 2 A Spanish Theme
Op. 3 Compositions For 2 Pianos Op. 4 Cats On The Rooftop
Op. 5 Before The Twilight
Op. 6 Exodus Prelude
Op. 7 Phases
Op. 8 Prophecy
Op. 9 Songs For Piano
Op. 10 Žalm 77
Op. 11 Hymn-Official Theme (Hymnus č.1)
Op. 12 Marcus 16/VI
Op. 13 Periphrasis
Op. 14 Plastic Reminiscences
Op. 15 Impasse
Op. 16 Six Bagatelles
Op. 17 Synthetics-Themes
Op. 18 Partita For Piano
Op. 19 Marabu I
Op. 20 Symfonie č.1
Op. 21 Selenium
Op. 22 Out Of Your Objects
Op. 23 Theme in C-minor
Op. 24 Private Mission
Op. 25 The Ambits Of Material Worlds
Op. 26 Hymn Of Immobility
Op. 27 Me All But Died
Op. 28 Transubstantiation
Op. 29 Seven Parts Of Desolation
Op. 30 Ninety-One
Op. 31 Dead Music
Op. 32 Catharsis
Op. 33 Aion
Op. 34 Suite For Group
Op. 35 Cruci-fiction
Op. 36 Intermezza
Op. 37 In Six
Op. 38 All Of Us Will Fall Away
Op. 39 Simplicity Of Heresy
Op. 40 Arsenica / Less Than Nothing
Op. 41 Detaxichen
Op. 42 Insomnia Dei
Op. 43 Nostalgie
Op. 44 Integrated Music Archives
Op. 45 Musik für die Metamorphose
Op. 46 The Fall Verified
Op. 47 Symfonie č.2 ”Defensa”
Op. 48 Aegis
Op. 49 Concert industriel pour orgue
Op. 50 Casual Crime
Op. 51 Dreams Of Awakening
Op. 52 Symfonie č.3 ”Brands Of Tyrany”
Op. 53 Divertimento č.1 a 2
Op. 54 Sense Geometry (Geometrie nevědomí, Eschaton)
Op. 55 Artefacts
Op. 56 Hymnus č.2
Op. 57 Dances & Marches For The Orphan Age
Op. 58 Mechanical Sketches
Op. 59 Missa pestilentiae integra
Op. 60 Asylum
Op. 61 Exorcisms
Op. 62 Nenia
Op. 63 New Laws / New Orders
Op. 64 Missa armata (Field Mass, Cryptosynaxis)
Op. 65 Elegy
Op. 66 Epidaemia vanitatis (Invocationes)
Op. 67 Symfonie č.4, “Descent From The Cross”
Op. 68 De regionibus liminis (Regions Of Limen, Underlying Scapes)
Op. 69 Third Eye
Op. 70 Endoanathymia
Op. 71 Trigonal Sonata
Op. 72 Fragments, thèmes et images scéniques
Op. 73 Nonterra
Op. 74 Ethos
Op. 75 Les scènes ardentes
Op. 76 Reliquary
Op. 77 Contemplatio per nexus
Op. 78 Torment Of Naissance
Op. 79 Optem Spectris
Op. 80 Tobruk
Op. 81 Epidemic Mind
Op. 82 Out Of The Ax
Op. 83 Jákob's Ladder
Op. 84 Elysium
Op. 85 Markéta, the daughter of Lazar
Op. 86 Amorphea
Op. 87 The Sheep Barn Entertainment
Op. 88 Lamiadae: Symmetric Variations
Op. 89 Heptalogue
Op. 90 Horae (Organ Concerto No.2)
Op. 91 Scripta Soli
Op. 92 Symphony No.5 “Axonal Transit”
Op. 93 Legions (of Czechia)
Op. 94 Anacreontics (& Introscan)
Op. 95 Craving Urania
Op. 96 Do Not Let Us Perish
Op. 97 Lux Antiqua
Op. 98 Ex Litteris Of St.Paul
Op. 99 Le Grand Jeu
Op. 100 Symphony No.6 “Metaspeheres”
Op. 101 Memories of Mars
Op. 102 Symphony No.7 “Melancholic”



DMR 01 Synthetics-Themes MC
DMR 02 Marabu I MC
DMR 03 Symphony no.1 in E MC
DMR 04 Out Of Your Objects MC
DMR 05 Private Mission MC
DMR 06 Organ Pieces MC
DMR 07 Me All But Died MC
DMR 08 Seven Parts Of Desolation MC
DMR 09 Three Of Nighty-One MC (Der Marabu)
DMR 10 Dead Music MC (Der Marabu)
DMR 11 Der Marabu MC
DMR 12 Out Of Your Objects (remake) CDR
DMR 13 Cruci-Fiction MC (Der Marabu)

CatchArrow Recordings & Integrated Music Records

Catch 00A Symphony no.1 in E . Seven Parts Of Desolation CDR, DIG
Catch 00B 1991 & Dead Music CDR (Der Marabu)
Catch 00C Cruci-Fiction CDR (Der Marabu)
Catch 00D Synthetics-Themes CDR
Catch 00E Organ Pieces CDR
Catch 001 Simplicity Of Heresy MC
Catch 002 All Of Us Will Fall Away CDR (Der Marabu)
Catch 003 Arsenica MC
Catch 004 Musik für die Metamorphose MC
Catch 005 Insomnia Dei MC (Skrol)
Catch 006 De(r) Marabu (Verifi)ed MC (Skrol)
Catch 007 Detaxichen DIG
Catch 008 Insomnia Dei CDR (Skrol)
Catch 009 Asylum
Catch 010 Nostalgie MC
Catch 011 The Fall Verified CDR, DIG (Skrol)
Catch 012 Symphony no.2 ”Defensa” MC
Catch 013 Eternity Ltd. (Skrol)
Catch 014a Concert industriel pour orgue MC
Catch 014b Concert industriel pour orgue / Live CDR
Catch 014c Concert industriel pour orgue / Live CDR (DVD case)
Catch 014d Concert industriel pour orgue CDR
Catch 015 (Arrow 002) Hereticon CDR (Skrol)
Catch 016 Casual Crime MC
Catch 017 Danze E Marche MC
Catch 018 Symfonie č.3 ”Brands Of Tyrany” MC
Catch 019 Symphony no.2 ”Defensa” . Concert industriel pour orgue CDR
Catch 020 Less Than Nothing MC
Catch 021 Divertimento č.1 a 2 MC
Catch 022 Hymnus č.2 MC
Catch 023 Sense Geometry MC
Catch 024 Sense Geometry Remix 2004 MC
Catch 025 Aegis CDR (Skrol)
Catch 026 Artefacts DIG Catch 027 Missa pestilentiae integra MC
Catch 028 Symfonie č.3 ”Brands Of Tyrany” CDR
Catch 029 Symphonie Nos.2 & 3 CDR
Catch 030a Arsenica / Less Than Nothing CDR (Subpop Squeeze)
Catch 030b There's No Human Triumph CDR
Catch 031 Live: "All Of Us Will Fall Away" CDR (Der Marabu)
Catch 032 Sense Geometry / 2004 Version CDR Catch 033a New Laws / New Orders CDR (Vladimír Hirsch)
Catch 033b New Laws / New Orders CDR (Skrol)
Catch 034a Dream Monsters Exorcism (Subpop Squeeze) CDR
Catch 034b Dreams Of Awakening CDR
Catch 035 Dances & Marches For The Orphan Age CDR (Skrol)
Catch 036 Symfonie č.4, “Descent From The Cross” CDR
Catch 038 Geometrie nevědomí CDR (Zygote)
Catch 039 Casual Crime CDR
Catch 040 Missa pestilentiae integra CDR
Catch 041 De regionibus liminis CDR
Catch 042 Missa armata DIG
Catch 042a Field Mass CDR (Aghiatrias)
Catch 042b Cryptosynaxis CD
Catch 042c / ARM 015 Cryptosynaxis DVD
Catch 043 Epidaemia vanitatis CD (Aghiatrias)
Catch 044 Regions Of Limen DIG (Aghiatrias)
Catch 045A Integrated Music Archives Vol. 1 DIG
Catch 045B Integrated Music Archives Vol. 2 DIG
Catch 045C Integrated Music Archives Vol. 3 (in process)
Catch 046 Symphony No.1 CDR (revised & remastered version)
Catch 047 Fragments,thèmes et images scéniques 2CDR
Catch 048 Simplicity Of Heresy CDR, DIG
Catch 049 Elysium DIG (Tiria)
Catch 050 Endoanathymia CDR
Catch 051 Torment Of Naissance CDR
Catch 052 Tobruk CDR, DIG
Catch 053 Contemplatio per nexus – in sequentiis DIG
Catch 054 Selected Organ & Piano Works CDR, DIG
Catch 055 Optem Spectris DIG (Luminar Ax)
Catch 056 Out Of The Ax DIG (Luminar Ax)
Catch 057 Reliquary CDR (Aghiatrias)
Catch 058 Nonterra CDR
Catch 059 Epidemic Mind CDR, DIG
Catch 059b Symphony No.6 “Metaspheres” DIG
Catch 060 Beyond The Waves Of Desire DIG (Luminar Ax)
Catch 061 Heptalogue (unfinished, conservated)
Catch 062 Markéta, the daughter of Lazar CDR, DIG
Catch 063 Horae (Organ Concerto No.2) DIG
Catch 064 The Sheep Barn Entertainment DIG
Catch 065 Axonal Transit (Symphony No.5 + Craving Urania) CDR
Catch 066 Skrol Live DIG
Catch 067 Lux Antiqua DIG
Catch 068 Do Not Let Us Perish DIG
Catch 069 Introscan DIG (Subpop Squeeze)
Catch 070 Apostasy DIG (Skrol)
Catch 071 Impasse DIG
Catch 072 Craving Urania DIG
Catch 073 Ecstatic Arc DIG
Catch 074 Live on New Year's Eve 1999 DIG (Zygote)
Catch 075 Ex Litteris Of St.Paul DIG
Catch 076 Symphony No.7 “Melancholica” (in process)
Catch 077 Le Grand Jeu DIG
Catch 078 Trespass DIG
Catch 079 Legions Of Czechia (Aghiatrias) – unfinished, conservated
Catch 080 Memories Of Mars – in process

Ars Benevola Mater

ABM29 Concert industriel pour orgue CD
ABM30 Symphony No.4 “Descent From The Cross” CD
ABM25 Sense Geometry CD
ABM31 Exorcisms
ABM32 Les scènes ardentes CD
ABM33 Contemplatio per nexus CD
ABM34B The Assent To Paradoxon CDs BOX-SET (+album “Nonterra” CD, released as a inseparable part of the set has the same catalogue number)
ABM34BB Underlying Scapes CD
ABM39 Graue Passion CD
ABM44 Missa Armata . Invocationes CD

Old Captain

OCCD33 Scripta Soli CD
OCCD48 Eschaton CD (Skrol)

Old Captain & Zoharum

OCCD53 & ZOHAR 226-2 Katagenesis CD


MDP 6000-41 Heretical Antiphony CD (Skrol)
MDP-6000-62, Catch 008 Insomnia Dei CD (Skrol)

Chromozome (Chromozome/RRRecords)

Mitotic 002 Insomnia Dei CD (Skrol)

Epidemie Records

EPR 045 Regions Of Limen CD (Aghiatrias)
EPR 054 Ethos CD (Aghiatrias)


Exklageto 16 Anacreontics CD (Subpop Squeeze)

Power & Steel

PAS 08 Martyria LP 10´ (Skrol)

Dagaz Music

DM 001 Dances & Marches For The Orphan Age CD (Skrol)

Twilight Records

TW 1.59 New Laws / New Orders CD (Skrol)

Ars Morta Universum

ARM 001 What The Eye Have Seen Have Not Seen VHS, DVD (Skrol)

LBA Records

LBA10035659 Out Of Your Objects DIG
LBA1100068 Luminar Ax DIG

LBA Composers

10052939 Elysium CD (Tiria)
10055644 Casual Crime DIG

SuRRism Phonoethics

sPE_0132 Epidemic Mind DIG
sPE_0143 Selected Organ & Piano Works DIG
sPE_0248 Horae (Organ Concerto No.2) DIG

Alkemy Brothers (Black Work)

(BW) 10082746 The Sheep Barn Entertainment (Subpop Squeeze) DIG

CSIndustrial 1982-2010

CSi 004 Synthetics-Themes DIG
CSi 009 The Sheep Barn Entertainment DIG

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