Aghiatrias is a project of composer, instrumentalist and sound designer Vladimír Hirsch and soundmaker and producer Tom Saivon, founded in 1999 as a more abstract offshoot of their martial-industrial Skrol, working on the concept of organic unity of the principles of modern compositional techniques of classical music with industrial, dark-ambient and noise structures.

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The compilative album of unreleased, separately released or previously unfinished compositions. 2007. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch: composition, synthesizers, computer techniques, mix; Tom Saivon-computer, noise generators, samples.

Recording :
CDR (© 2007 Integrated Music Records - Catch 055)

1 Ratiomorph
2 Electroaxon
3 Syncrasia II
4 Eschatology



Conceptual album. 2005. The ensemble's fourth thematic album within the concept of integrating a wider range of contemporary classical music, dark-ambient, noise and industrialism. Musicians - Aghiatrias: Vladimír Hirsch: compositions, synthesizers, digital technology, vocals, mix, Tom Saivon-samples, computer, noises.

Recording :
CD (© 2006 Epidemie Records)

1 Cognitive Trap
2 Situs Inversus
3 Autodivine
4 Les Coeurs Du Mal
5 Hedonist Hymn
6 Strict Observance
7 Poison Of God
8 Le Sang des Autres
9 Translucidum



Thematic album. 2003. The album, completed in August 2003, is a kind of "aghiatrization" of Hirsch's solo project "De Regionibus Liminis" (this version was later released solo as "Underying Scapes"). An extensive dark-ambient album dedicated to the theme of subliminal sensory perception, the confrontation of the surreal and real world (artificial ambient versus industrial sound). Musician - Aghiatrias: Vladimír Hirsch - compositions, synthesizers, percussion, field recordings, samples, vocals, computer, mix; Tom Saivon - noise generators, samples, production.

Recording :
CD (© 2004 Epidemie Records)

1 Axis illuminationis
2 Dura mater
3 Submerged Esplana
4 Ad pontem lamentorum
5 Taciturn Stratum
6 Erratic Zone: Quadrantus migrans
7 Decapitatio
8 Regio inferni
9 Chiasmata



Concept album, 2002. The second album of the ensemble, created in 2001, is the first release of the own label Integrated Music Records. In terms of musical form, the next step is the integration of the classical into the post-industrial, in this case with an emphasis on the dark-ambient atmosphere of the project. Musicians - Aghiatrias: Vladimír Hirsch: compositions, synthesizers, percussion, samples, vocals, computer, mix, Tom Saivon-noise generators, samples, production. Participation: Martina Sanollová-vocal.

Nahrávka :
CD (© 2002 Integrated Music Records, Catch 043)

1 Semen
2 Invocatio
3 Epidaemia
4 Terror



Industrial Mass, 1999-2000. Formally, the album has the concept of a classical formation with standard liturgical parts, set in a simple central plot framework, as a modified version of Hirsch's solo work from 1999 "Missa Armata" (which was later released on the solo album "Missa Armata. Invocationes" in 2012, more than ten years after its creation), with an industrial, sometimes even power-electronic sound, typically from the inside combined with classical instrumentation. Musicians - Aghiatrias: Vladimír Hirsch - compositions, synthesizers, drums, samplers, vocals, computer, mix. Tom Saivon - noise generators, samples, production. Mastering: Jan Seibt.

Nahrávka :
CDR (© 2000 CatchArrow Recordings - Catch 042)

1 Introitus
2 Preface
3 Kyrie
4 Gloria
5 Credo
6 Sanctus
7 Agnus Dei