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Artefacts (2022)

Le Grand Jeu (2021)

Katagenesis (2021)

Ex Litteris Of St.Paul (2020)

Scripta Soli (2011-2017)

Horae (2011-2015)

Selected Organ & Piano Works (1977-2012)

Missa Armata . Invocationes (1999/2001)

Endoanathymia (2004-2011)

Markéta, the daughter of Lazar (2009-2010)

Underlying Scapes (2003-2010)

Graue Passion


Contemplatio per nexus

Les Scenes Ardentes



Torment Of Naissance

Concert Industriel Pour Orgue, 3rd version - CD Ars Benevola Mater (2006)

Epidemic Mind

Sense Geometry (CD 2006)

Fragments, themes et images scéniques

Dreams Of Awakening

Symphonies Nos.2 & 3

Vladimír Hirsch, Diamanda Galás: Missa Pestilens Integra

Casual Crime

There's No Human Triumph

Simplicity Of Heresy

Organ Pieces

Out Of Your Objects

Symphony No.1 in E

Synthetics - Themes


A compilative album of compositions. 1998-2022. At the very beginning, the project was dedicated to rather isolated, not quite typical products of the author's work, but later it was transformed into a genre-relatively consolidated selection of compositions, originally created almost exclusively (with the exception of the final composition) individually for various compilations of the "Various Artists" type.

Recording :
DIG (©2022 CatchArrow Recordings-Catch 026)

1 Exegete
2 Vigilia
3 Impasse
4 Clepsydra
5 Moving Grave
6 Iscariot
7 Interdict
8 Consolatrix
9 Eschatologist
10 Catharsis For Strings



Thematic composition (or album of compositions) for sound-manipulated pianos and digital technology. Originally music for an audiobook (Musique pour “Le Grand Jeu”), dealing with the eponymous artistic group, then a separate album “Le Grand Jeu”, which in addition to the basic parts (Parties 1-4) also contains a short introduction and a final epilogue. The polytonal, polymodal and aleatory character of the project underlines the existential statement of the work in the spirit of the thematic template.

Recording :
DIG (©2021 Integrated Music Records-Catch 77)

1 Entrée
2 Le Grand Jeu - Partie 1
3 Le Grand Jeu - Partie 2
4 Le Grand Jeu - Partie 3
5 Le Grand Jeu - Partie 4
6 Épilogue (Musique des sourdes)



The album of three opuses with similar thematic framework: Symphony No.5 "Axonal Transit", (tracks 1-4; Parts I-IV), Symphony No.6 "Metaspheres" (tracks 5-10; Parts I-VI) and Hymn (track 11). (I) Axonal Transit - A four-part composition, considered "Symphony no.5" for electronics, strings, brasses and percussions manipulated by integrated techniques, consisting in spatial variations of musical themes on ambient matrix. There are used methods of geometric articulation of sub-themes. (II) Metaspheres - A six-part composition, considered "Symphony no.6" for integrated techniques and sonically manipulated strings with dense atmosphere, microtonality and insight into amorphic harmonic structures with the slow, heavy rhythmical patterns. (III) Hymn - variations on theme of old Czech chorale "St.Wenceslas" in integrated digital and analog sonic design of the orchestral instrumentation.
Musicians and cooperators: Vladimír Hirsch - electronics, keyboards, synthesizers, pianos, field recordings; Czech Integrated Ensemble - strings, brasses, timpani, Tom Saivon - production.

Recording :
CD (© 2021 Old Captain, OCCD53 & Zoharum, ZOHAR 226-2) digipak & DIG.

Symphony No.5 "Axonal Transit"
1 Linear
2 Diametric
3 Parametric
4 Gyroscopic

Symphony No.6 "Metaspheres"
5 Doctrinal
6 Amniotic
7 Encrypted
8 Orbital
9 Conversive
10 Katagenetic

11 Do Not Let Us Perish



Thematic album. Conceptual work of a space-ambient nature, based on selected quotations from the epistles of St. Paul, where each of them belongs to one composition. Inspired by the painting "Saint Paul of the New Century" by Vladimír Hirsch Jr. (artistic names Vladimír Hirscher or Caer8th), which became the cover of the album. The album follows the artist's cosmogonic vision with its sound, based mainly on the electro-acoustic principle. However, at the same time, its content is a kind of dialogue, juxtaposing different philosophical views of the protagonists, without their clashing.

Recording :
CDR & DIG (©2020 )

1 Colossians (Col 3:15)
2 Ephesians (Eph 2:14)
3 Corinthians 1 (Cor 15:13)
4 Colossians-(Col 1:13-14)
5 Thessalonians 2 (Thes 2:4)
6 Romans (Rom 16:18)
7 Galatians (Gal.4:29)
8 Hebrews (Heb 3:8)
9 Philippians (1:29-30)
10 Thessalonians 1 (Thes 4:16)
11 Colossians (Col 1:15-16)
12 Coda - Corinthians 1 (Cor 13:2)



Thematic album for integrated techniques & field recordings. 2012-2017. Released on CD (©2017 Old Captain - OCCD33). Inspired by the Russian sci-fi movie "Letters Of the Dead Man" by Konstantin Lopushanskiy (1986). The album is based on a fictive experience during apocalyptic war catastrophe, perceived from the position of a person imprisoned in the bunker. It consists descriptions of feelings and visions in echoes of devastating actions on the surface, as though, all sonically interpretated by the ground. Musical idea and rendition of the figurative opus is carried out as "musique concrète intergrée" (cit. T.Saivon) by the work with field recordings, electroacoustic and digital techniques through metamorphic musicalization of primarily non-musical elements. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - electronic keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, pianos, digital technologies, field recordings, spoken word; Nadya Feir - vocals, Dominika Karčovská - vocals (soprano), production by Tom Saivon.

Nahrávka :
CD (© 2017 Old Captain - OCCD33) digipak & DIG

1 Indictum
2 Omen
3 Impressiones
4 Exanima
5 Camera delusionis
6 Erebeum
7 Centuria
8 Fuga / Acquiesce
9 Dacryon
10 Amorphes
11 Guttae ultimae
12 Consummatum.



Concerto for organ, integrated techniques, clockworks and field recordings, op.90, with the subtitle "Organ Concerto No. 2," whose orginal version was composed in 2011. Conceptual composition, working - in terms of sound conception and metaphorically - a study of voluminal properties of sound and their horizontal and vertical interactions in time and space. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - organ, piano and other keyboards, synthesizers, electronics, field recordings, hourly mechanics, digital technique. Studio participation by Czech Integrated Ensemble - strings, brasses, percussion. The album recorded live at the Cultural Centre "Žižkostel" (Church of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, Barikád Square, Prague 3, 25 April 2015. Mix: CatchArrow Recordings studio, Prague, Czechia.

Recording :
DIG (© 2015 SuRRism Phonoethics – sPE_0248)

1 Ingressa
2 Arcuata
3 Pugnax
4 Mobilis
5 Tracta
6 Spiralis
7 Extera
8 Ultima



The selection of compositions, created between 1977 and 2012. The collection combines unpublished tracks or adjusted versions of previously released material. All tracks revisited, re-recorded and remixed at CatchArrow Recordings studio, Prague, Czechia, 2012. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch – organs, pianos, electroacoustic, analogue and digital techniques. Index: Cats On The Rooftop, op.4, 1977; Six Bagatelles, op.16; 1987; Partita For Piano, op.18, 1988; Aion, op.33, 1992; Detaxichen, op.41; 1996; Nostalgie, op.43, 1997; Organ Preludes z op.39, 58 a 64; Danze e marce, op.57, 1998; Hymnus č.2, op.56, 1998; Elegy, op.65, 2001; Third Eye, op.69, 2003; Nenia, op.62, 1999-2008; Trigonal Sonata, op.71, 2004; Jákob's Ladder, op.83; 2009; Amorpheae op.86, 2010; Lamiade: Symmetric Variations, op.88, 2012.

Recordings :
2 CDR (© 2013 Integrated Music Records - Catch 054) & DIG (© 2013 SuRRism Phonoethics – sPE_0143)

1 Nenia
2 Elegy Part I
3 Elegy Part II
4 Hymn No.2
5 Purificatio
6 Mechanical Sketch I
7 Mechanical Sketch II
8 Exodus Prelude
9 Hymn For Bells And Organ
10 Teorema
11 Convulsione
12 Amorphea I
13 Amorphea II
14 Partita For Piano
15 Aion Part 1
16 Aion Part 2

17 I.Grave. Ambiguamente
18 II.Allegro. Espressivo
19 III.Molto adagio
20 Bagatelle 1
21 Bagatelle 2
22 Bagatelle 3
23 Bagatelle 4
24 Bagatelle 5
25 Bagatelle 6
26 Azygea
27 Epikrasis
28 Nostalgie I
29 Nostalgie II
30 Nostalgie III
31 Nostalgie IV
32 Cats On The Rooftop
33 Symmetric Variation 1
34 Symmetric Variation 2
35 Symmetric Variation 3
36 Third Eye



The album combining two works for integrated techniques: the industrial mass "Missa Armata", op.64, 1999-2010 and the cycle of four musical prayers "Invocationes", op.66. 2002-2012. Both are thematically (liturgical musical units) and by means of expression to each other, that is why they were included on a common disc and released in 2012, more than 10 years after their creation. (I) "Missa armata", op.64, created in 1999, is an electronic "field mass" with standard liturgical parts corresponding to a simple central epic framework. The original version of the album offers a highly structured industrial sound integrated with classical instrumentation. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - electronic keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, digital technology (II) Cycle of four musical litanies (prayers). Compositions with strong ritual characteristics, with dominating industrial sound and (spoken or sung) religious lyrics in a dark-ambient atmosphere. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - electronic keyboards, synthesizers, vocals, spoken word. integrated techniques, Tom Saivon - samples, Martina Sanollová - vocals. Texts: St. Augustine, Raccolta (Enchiridion Indulgentiarum).

Recording :
Missa Armata . Invocationes (CD © 2012 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM44) & DIG

Missa Armata:
1 Introitus
2 Kyrie
3 Gloria
4 Credo
5 Sanctus
6 Agnus Dei
7 Exodus

1 Invocatio I
2 Invocatio II
3 Invocatio III
4 Invocatio IV



Conceptual album for pianos and integrated techniques, op.70, in rearranged and remastered version, originally created in 2004 under the name "Hermeneutic Cycle". Contemporary classical musical framework, with attributes of integrated compositional techniques, based the dialogue of electroacoustically transformed classical instruments of the dominance of pianos themes with ambient structures. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - pianos, elektronic keyboards, electroacoustic and digital techniques, field recordings. Mastered by V.Haňka.

Recording :
CDR (© 2011 Integrated Music Records - Catch 050) & DIG

Quadrant 1
1 Sector Alpha
2 Sector Beta
3 Sector Gamma
4 Sector Delta
5 Sector Epsilon
6 Sector Zeta

Quadrant 2
7 Sector Eta
8 Sector Theta
9 Sector Iota
10 Sector Kappa
11 Sector Lambda
12 Sector Mi

Quadrant 3
13 Sector Ny
14 Sector Xi
15 Sector Omikron
16 Sector Pi
17 Sector Rho
18 Sector Sigma

Quadrant 4
19 Sector Tau
20 Sector Ypsilon
21 Sector Phi
22 Sector Chi
23 Sector Psi
24 Sector Omega



Conceptual album, op.85, 2009-2010. Adaptation of the soundtrack to the stage play “Markéta, dcera Lazarova”, a romantic drama, based on Vladislav Vančura's epic novel. Application of a contemporary classical musical form, colored by an industrial and dark-ambient sound oscillating from the central sacral choral motifs, through dramatic eruptions to very lyrical sequences. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch – electronics, keyboards, digitdigital technique; Czech Integrated Ensemble & Choir. An emotional musical story, mapping in detail its epic in short sequences, with a religious subtext in the spirit of the original strategy of stage play adaptation.

Recording :
CDR (© 2010 Integrated Music Records - Catch 062) & DIG

1 Prologue
2 The Prayer
3 Celebration
4 Bloodstain
5 A Piece about Virgin Net
6 The Dispute
7 First Sight
8 Abduction
9 Interlude I
10 No Master
11 Interrogation
12 The Rape of Kristián
13 The Bringing of Markéta
14 Maternal Intervention
15 The Rape of Markéta
16 Gethsemane
17 Morning Delight
18 1st Dream: Stolen Cleanliness
19 The Capture of Lazar
20 Father's Condemnation
21 Attempted Suicide
22 Interlude II
23 The Last Chance
24 Challenge To Fight
25 Bloody Hands
26 Disenchantment
27 Farewell of Lovers
28 Encirclement
29 Interlude III
30 2nd Dream: Lovelorn
31 The Maddeningness
32 Alexandra's Loss
33 The Lynching of Markéta
34 Expulsion
35 The Prioress's Oration
36 3rd Dream: Apparition
37 Interlude IV
38 The Sentence
39 Confession
40 Forgiveness and Redemption
41 The Ascension
42 Epilogue



Thematic album for integrated techiniques, op.68. 2002-2003. A dark-ambient album with original name "De regionibus liminis", devoted to the theme of subliminal perception and its musical application. An abstract conception of the confrontation between the surreal and real world (artificial ambient versus realistic industrial sound). In 2009, the album was completely revised and released as part of a collection of original works entitled “The Assent To Paradoxon” (© 2010 Ars Benevola Mater) under the title "Underlying Scapes" as a bonus CD of the set. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - electronic keyboards, synthesizers, digital technique.

Recording :
CD (© 2010 Ars Benevola Mater / ABM34BB), CDs collection "The Assent To Paradoxon" (©2008 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM34B) & DIG

1 Illuminated Temples
2 Arachnopia Field
3 Gyral Bridges
4 White Migratory Quadrant
5 Cavity Of Desolation
6 Behind The Line Of Touch
7 Liminal Vortex
8 Chiasmas



Symphony for integrated orchestra, mixed choir and soloists, op.67, 2001-2005. A composition originally inspired by Dostoevsky's interpretation of the painting of the same name (Gray Passion) by Hans Holbein. The album combines means of expression in a way that corresponds to the author's concept of an integrated musical form. The first version (Symphony No.4 "Descent From The Cross") is part of a set of author's works entitled "The Assent To Paradoxon" (© 2010 Ars Benevola Mater). Musicians: Czech integrated ensemble and choir, Vladimír Hirsch - keyboards, samplers, computer technology; Dominika Karčovská - soprano, Martina Sanollová - mezzo-soprano. In 2008, the song was recorded live, studio edited, rearranged and released under the title "Graue Passion" by the label Ars Benevola Mater the following year. Musicians: Czech Integrated Ensemble and Choir, Vladimír Hirsch - keyboards, digital technology, Martina Sanollová - solo vocals.

Recordings :
Symphony No.4 "Descent From The Cross": CD (© 2008 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM 30)& DIG
CDs kolekce "The Assent To Paradoxon" (©2008 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM34B) & DIG

1 Part I. After Expiry
2 Part II. Night Under The Cross
3 Part III. The Descent
4 Part IV. The Pass From Golgotha
5 Part V. Entombment
6 Part VI. Apotheosis
7 Part VII. Marcus VI:16

Graue Passion: CD, digipak (© 2009 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM 39) & DIG

1 Part I. Introduktion: Da riss der Vorhang entzwei…
2 Part II. Die Nacht unter dem Kreuz
3 Part III. Die Kreuzabnahme
4 Part IV. Der Weg vom Golgotha
5 Part V. Voll Blut und Wunden
6 Part VI. Die Grablegung
7 Part VII. Apotheose
8 Part VIII. Epilog



Thematic album. 2005. Musical means intertwine themes of neoclassical and dark-ambient type with memorizing cyclical elements of fashion trends popular music, which rhythmically, structurally and melodically attack. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch: synthesizers, drums, samplers, computer. Production: Tom Saivon. Mastering: Jan Seibt. Album released only as an integral part of the collection "The Assent To Paradoxon".

Recording :
CDs collection "The Assent To Paradoxon" (©2008 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM34B) & DIG

1 Ante lucem
2 Synapsis
3 Nonterra
4 Mécaniques d´État
5 Advenit orator
6 Les voix des morts
7 Transformation - Ulterior Act
8 IsoMorphe
9 Chant des marquées
10 Parahymnus
11 Clausula retis
12 Transformation - Violent Act



Thematic album for integrated techniques, op.77, 2007-2008. Extensive composition on a neoclassical instrumental basis of dark-ambient character on a philosophical-theological theme, inspired by the work "Teologia spiritualis mystica", dealing with with the process of transformation of human consciousness during mystical contemplation. Published both individually and as a part of the set of author's works entitled “The Assent To Paradoxon” (© 2010 Ars Benevola Mater). Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, computer technology), Dove Hermosa aka Dawn Carlyle (vocals, lyrics), Czech Integrated Ensemble - instruments from the cast of a classical symphony orchestra. The album also exists in an unofficial, longer, fragmented version with the addition of the name "in sequentiis", where the composition units consist of 23 individual sequences.

Recordings :
CD (© 2009 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM33) & DIG
CDs collection "The Assent To Paradoxon" (©2008 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM34B)

1 Contemplatio per negationem (Vestibulum - Obscuritas - Sitis - Tortio sensuum)
2 Contemplatio per affirmationem (Oratio quietis - Somnus potentiarum - Coniunctio)



Cycle of compositions for integrated techniques, music ensemble and solos, Op. 75, 2005. A conceptual album created from the themes of the author's stage music, which are elaborated here and with its epic and formal characteristics combined into a whole. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, drums, samplers, computer, mix, Czech Integrated Ensemble - instruments from the cast of a classical symphony orchestra, Martina Sanollová - mezzo-soprano, Dominika Karčovská - soprano, Tom Saivon - production, Vojtěch Haňka - mastering. Published both individually and as part of a set of author's works entitled “The Assent To Paradoxon” (© 2010 Ars Benevola Mater).

Recording :
CD (© 2009 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM32)
CDs kolekce "The Assent To Paradoxon" (©2008 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM34B)

1 Introduction
2 Adversaire
3 Espaces interdits
4 Antischerzo
5 Cris du feu
6 Transfugue
7 Orea Nexx
8 Arc extatique
9 La dernière défense
10 Sacrifice au irrationel



Thematic album of compositions for integrated techniques, Op. 61. 1999-2006. Monolithic work entirely in the spirit of an integrated musical concept with an overall dark-ambient-neoclassical tone. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - piano and other keyboard instruments, samplers, computer technology, Martina Sanollová - vocals, Dominika Karčovská - vocals, Czech integrated ensemble. Production: Tom Saivon. Mastering: Jan Seibt. Published both individually and as part of a set of author's works entitled “The Assent To Paradoxon” (© 2010 Ars Benevola Mater).

Recording :
CD (© 2008 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM31)
CDs kolekce "The Assent To Paradoxon" (©2008 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM34B)

1 Confiteor
2 Paligenesis
3 Ecce Crux
4 Synaestheseum
5 Quadrivia
6 In Hoc Signo
7 Averte !
8 Essentia Quinta
9 Ufarsin



Album, originally a soundtrack. The album created from film music intended for the film "Tobruk" - a personal story from the environment of a Czech military unit in Libya during the famous battle of World War II. Twelve compositions, named mostly descriptively according to film images and connected by the story axis. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, digital technology), participation: Martina Sanollová (vocals) a Czech Integrated Ensemble. Mastering: Vojtěch Haňka.

Recording :
CDR (© 2008 CatchArrow Recordings - Catch 052) & DIG

1 Agami (Introduction)
2 The Presage
3 First Victory
4 At The Grave
5 Reentry Of Enemies
6 The Escape
7 Though The Desert
8 Inertia Of Space
9 Destiny Command
10 Back To Struggle
11The Final Gleam
12 Catharsis (Ending)



Thematic album on a creationist theme. 2007. Studio elaboration of a concert program, adjusting compositions into a more pronounced noise form of a dark-ambient-neoclassical integrated form. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, samplers, digital technology. Participation: Dove Hermosa (vocals, lyrics). Mastering: Vojtěch Haňka.

Recording :
CDR (© 2007 Integrated Music Records - Catch 054) & DIG

1 Phase 1 - Inception
2 Interphase 1
3 Phase 2 - Syllepsis
4 Phase 3 - Formation
5 Phase 4 - Enanthropy
6 Interphase 2
7 Phase 5 - Convolution
8 Phase 6 - Akathisia
9 Phase 7 - Expanse
10 Interphase 3
11 Phase 8 - Energeia



Concerto for organ, electronic keyboard instruments, percussions and ensemble, Op.49. 1998. Composition of a framework classical form with a significant component of the industrial matrix. In 2004, the third, final version of the concert was created, which differs from the original by a more concise concept. The song was officially released in this form. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - organ, electronic keyboard instruments; Czech integrated ensemble. Published both individually and as part of a set of author's works entitled "The Assent To Paradoxon" by the Italian label Ars Benevola Mater.

Recordings :
CD (© 2007 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM029) & DIG
CDs kolekce "The Assent To Paradoxon" (©2008 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM34B)
Live 1998 (CDR © 2001 Integrated Music Records - Catch 014b, © 2002 Integrated Music Records - 014c)

1 Part I. Ouverture
2 Part II. Essai
3 Part III. Intermède
4 Part IV. Ensemble



Conceptual album. 2007. Dark ambient, futuristic melodrama. Cosmogonic atmosphere with internal microtonal melodic chaos against the background of rhythmic order along with machine declamation of an apocalyptic warning message. Microtonal chaotic melody on the background of rhythmic order. Originally a conjoint project of composer and instrumentalist Vladimir Hirsch and Japanese cyberpunk writer Kenji Siratori, an avant-garde poet and novelist whose surrealist-futuristic style does not take into account traditional practices and connections and provides a critical look at the digital age. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - composition, all instruments, programming; Kenji Siratori - lyrics, spoken word.

Recording :
CDR (©2008 CatchArrow Recordings, Catch 059) & DIG (© 2013 SuRRism PhonoEthics - sPE_132)

1 Genetic Doctrine
2 Dark Placenta
3 Crypt Virus
4 Orbit Affected III
5 Transfiguration
6 Babel



Album of compositions for synthesizers, drums and digital technology, op.54 points 1998-2004. Electronic industrial song album for synthesizers, percussion instruments and digital technique. The project is based on the musical application of the fictional symbolism of "fractal musical geometry". It uses interval logic signals for this purpose, rhythm, construction and instrumentation. The officially released recording is the second and final, remixed version (2004) original record from 1998. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch: keyboard instruments (synthesizers, samplers, piano), drums, computer technology. Published both individually and as part of a set of author's works entitled “The Assent To Paradoxon” (© 2010 Ars Benevola Mater).

Recordings :
CD (© 2006 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM 25) & DIG
CDs kolekce "The Assent To Paradoxon" (©2008 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM34B)

1 Tetragons (Figure 1)
2 Triangles (Figure 1) Inside Cylindric Channels
3 Circles (Figure 1)
4 Abscissas System (Figure 1) In Pentagonal Column
5 Ellipsis Segments
6 Triangles (Figure 2)
7 Circles (Figure 2) In Tetragonal Structure
8 Abscissas System (Figure 2)
9 Tetragons (Figure 2)
10 Chain Of Ellipsoid Figures



A selection of stage music. Two discs survey of selected fragments, themes and images from the author's stage music production, created in the period 1990 - 2004. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, drums, samples, computer, mix, Czech Integrated Ensemble and Choir, Martina Sanollová - vocals. Mostly short compositions in rearranged versions.

Recording :
2 CDR (© 2005 Integrated Music Records - Catch 047) & DIG

1 Arrivée des morts
2 Resistentia
3 Exorcisms – Part IV.
4 Reversion (Stratum profundum, version 2)
5 Le Greffe
6 Bread Of Deceit
7 Conversion Symptoms Theme
8 Lex lacerationis
9 L'abîme éloigné et approché
10 The Storm / Variations On Themes 1 & 2
11 Plebeian March (Hereticon)
12 Deux espaces
13 Varations syntactiques – Theme 6
14 Die Metamorphose / Figur X
15 Inert Triad
16 Orea Nexx
17 The Orphan Age
18 Zona arcuata
19 The Tales Of Mabd / Finale

20 Labyrinth – Image 1: Verticals
21 Apostasy Theorems
22 Gyre de la necessité
23 Die Metamorphose / Figur Y
24 Adveniat
25 Death Of Argianne
26 Spiral Aura
27 Traversée d´Elektra
28 Sursum
29 Anathema Deserve
30 Unquiet Night Scenery
31 Oranit
32 Die Metamorphose / Family Fight
33 Missing The Mirror
34 Transfugium
35 Plebeian Dance (Hereticon)
36 Elysium
37 New Orders – Conclusion
38 Postscript



Thematic album, op. 58, 1999. Dark-ambient electronic album, built on rock schemes with a unifying concept of melodramatic processing of lyrics, retelling the author's dream vision. Rock bases are internally combined with sampled loops. The original version called "Dream Monsters Exorcism" recorded under the heading "Subpop Squeeze". The album has no connotation with the album "Exorcisms", created in the spirit of the basic concept of the author's compositional orientation. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, percussion instruments, samples, computer technology, lyrics, singing and spoken word.

Recording :
Dreams Of Awakening (CDR © 1999 CatchArrow Recordings-Catch 034b) & DIG

1 Introduction
2 She Was An Angel
3 Aorted
4 Derision
5 Anathema
6 Under The Ground
7 The Rite Of Love And Death
8 Dawning



Two symphonic compositions: Symphony No.2 for synthesizers and an integrated ensemble with the subtitle "Defensa", op.47 (1997) and Symphony No.3 with the subtitle "Brands Of Tyrany" for an integrated ensemble, organ and percussion with the subtitle "Sinfonia integra for orchestra, organo and percussion ", op.52 (1998). (I) Symphony No. 2 is intended for the so-called "integrated orchestra" (as well as most of the author's works of this type), using both electronic instruments, which dominate in this work, as well as authentic instrumentation of a classical symphony orchestra, only slightly colored by industrial and ambient structures. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers and keyboard instruments, participation: Czech Integrated Ensemble. A revised version from 2001 has been released on the joint album. (II) Symphony No. 3 is a relatively classical composition, formally representing the full integration of organically classical orchestration with electronics and industrial elements. The composition of sixteen mostly short parts has a martial character. Musicians: Czech integrated ensemble, Vladimír Hirsch - organ and other keyboard instruments. Participation: Martina Sanollová - singing. The album includes a second, revised version (2001).

Recording :
CDR (© 2003 Integrated Music Records - Catch 029) & DIG

Symphony No.2
1 Part I. Incorporatio
2 Part II. Animae milites gravis armaturae
3 Part III. Iudicium et sententia

Symphony No.3
1 I. Allegro assai. Attacamente
2 II.Presto. Feroce
3 III.Allegro. Ostinato
4 IV.Intermezzo #1. Agitato
5 V.Allegro con brio
6 VI.Allegro. Risoluto.
7 VII.Grave.Eccitante
8 VIII. Presto. Frettoloso.
9 IX. Allegretto.Guerresco con agilita.
10 X. Marcia. Trionfale.
11 XI. Grave. Independemente
12 XII. Andante con moto.
13 XIII. Ondeggiando. Allegretto poco mosso.
14 XIV. Intermezzo #2.
15 XV. Conclusione.
16 XVI. Allegro assai. Attacamente 2



Mass for integrated ensemble and female vocal, op. 59, 1999. Adaptation of Diamanda Galás album "Plague Mass"(1990, Mute Records) in arrangement and concept of Vladimír Hirsch, supplemented by a few original compositions. It is a nesting in of authentic parts of Diamanda Galás’ „Plague Mass“ into an integrated composition, supplemented by a few shorter compositions and conceived as an authorial partnership. The album is adapted into the formal structure of a classical mass with all liturgical parts.Musicians: Diamanda Galás: vocals, piano, Vladimír Hirsch: compositions 1, 3 and 10 (& arrangement of other compositions), organ, synthesizers, noises, mix, David Linton: drums, percussion, Blaise Dupuy: keyboards, Ramon Diaz: electronic percussion, Michael McGrath: tapes.

Recording :
CDR (© 1999 CatchArrow Recordings-Catch 027) - prozatím neautorizováno

1 Introitus (V.Hirsch)/
2 Kyrie: There´s No Rest Until The Fighting´s Done (D.Galás, V.Hirsch)
3 Gloria (V.Hirsch)
4 Credo: Deliver Me From Mine Enemies (D.Galás, V.Hirsch)
5 Offertorium (V. Hirsch, D.Galás)
6 Sanctus: Do You Confess? (D. Galás, V.Hirsch)
7 Consecratio (V.Hirsch, D.Galás)
8 Agnus Dei: And I Saw The Heaven Open (D.Galás, V.Hirsch)
9 Benedictus (D.Galás, V.Hirsch)
10 Ite, missa est: Let Us Praise...(V.Hirsch)



Album of compositions for jazz quartet. 1998. Trackd are based on romanticizing and ethnic themes, elaborated in a standard way within jam session of a classical jazz quartet. This is partly a reminiscence of the composer's interest in jazz music, including the editing of some compositions from that period (e.g. Remembrance 77). Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - piano, Zbygniew Zieliński - alto saxophone, Jean-Jacques Cerf - double bass, Ted Hart - drums & percussion. The original material also contained a cover version of the well-known "My Bloody Valentine".

Recording :
CDR (© 1998 CatchArrow Recordings - Catch 039) & DIG (©2013 LBA Records; LBA - 10055644)

1 Année de guêpe
2 Quijote
3 Chess Game Trespass
4 Back In Black
5 Red Desert
6 Anilusia
7 Remembrance 77
8 Degressive Interval / Ending



Compilation of compositions for synthesizers, samples, radio recordings and vocals 1995-99. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, percussion instruments, samples, computer technique. Album of industrial and alternative rock songs. The first version was named after the original albums "Arsenica / Less Than Nothing", recorded under the solo project "Subpop Squeeze". Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, percussion instruments, samples, computer technology.

Recording :
There's No Human Triumph (CDR © 1999 CatchArrow Recordings-Catch 030b) & DIG

1 Republica
2 Disaster Experts
3 Here Comes The Monster
4 Entusiastic
5 Holy, Holy, Holy
6 Intriguers
7 Lobotomy Gloria
8 Affection
9 Poisoner
10 Venetian Settlement
11 Imageon
12 All In Hot Pursuit Of All
13 Limits Of God
14 Unsavoury Friend
15 Inerve
16 Less Than Nothing
17 The Scrap
18 Appeasement
19 No One Will Save Me
20 (There's No Human) Triumph



Thematic album. 1996. The work on a religious theme, created on the basis of electroacoustic manipulation of string instruments, winds, etc., with the simultaneous use of their synthetic applications, with dominant role of organ. Compositionally directed towards the martial industrial-neoclassical model, subordinated to militant rhythms, ostinate loops with a counterpart in a very modest melodic coloratura, which potentiates the permanent tension of tracks. The album later became the backbone of the CD of SKROL "Heretical Antiphony". From the point of view of the musical concept, it is a fundamental issue not only for the author's other solo works, but also for his conjoint projects and bands Skrol and Aghiatrias. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, organ, piano, percussion, samples, programming. Remastered in 2005.

Recordings :
Simplicity Of Heresy (MC © 1996 CatchArrow Recordings-Catch 001)
Simplicity Of Heresy (CDR © 2005 Integrated Music Records-Catch 048) & DIG

1 Proclamatio
2 Agog
3 Litanie
4 Non-Organic
5 Sursum
6 Purified
7 Adveniat
8 Plebeian Dance 1
9 Fire Scene
10 Simplicity Of Heresy
11 Converted
12 Plebeian Dance 2
13 Martyrdom Phase
14 Uniformity Celebration March
15 New Laws / New Orders
16 Exsanguis



Album of compositions for organ, opuses 23, 25, 26 & 28. 1987-1991. A collection of organ compositions, created between 1987 and 1991, combining classical methods with modern sound and construction characteristics in the spirit of the concept of modality, experimenting with specific tonal systems. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - organ.

Recording :
Organ Pieces (MC 1991 & CDR © 2001 CatchArrow Recordings - Catch 00E) & DIG

1 Ambits Of Material World - Part I / Marionettes
2 Ambits Of Material World - Part II / Late Views
3 Ambits Of Material World - Part III / Reprints
4 Ambits Of Material World - Part IV / All Is Sealed Off
5 Hymn Of Immobility
6 Theme In C-minor
7 Transubstantiation, Part I
8 Transubstantiation, Part II
9 Prelude
10 Introitus (Missa pestilentiae)
11 Ite, missa est (Missa pestilentiae)



Album of compositions for piano, synthesizers, drum-machine and vocal, op. 22, 1989. A monothematic collection of compositions with a lyrical focus, with the dominance of the expressively conceived role of the piano, distinctly monotonous rhythms and introverted vocals in the cold atmosphere of synthetic strings. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - piano and other keyboard instruments, drum-machine, vocals. The album was revised and reworked in 1993 with the addition of a guitar part - in this form released after more than twenty years by an American label LBA Records.

Recording :
DIG (© 2011 LBA Records - LBA10035659)

1 In The Garden
2 Out Of Your Objects
3 Darkness
4 Plastic Sun
5 Song Of The Stray
6 Rancour´round
7 Behind Her House
8 Out Of Your Objects II



Symphony for synthesizers, percussion and tape recordings, Op.20. 1988. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, percussion instruments. Four-movement symphony in synthetic sound arrangements. The basic themes of the individual sentences are melodic motifs of some unrealized compositions. These are being developed with an effort to exhaust the melodic and harmonic alternatives within a simpler counterpoint model. Completely revised and remastered in 2001.

Recording :
MC (©1989 D.M.Recordings - DMR 03) & DIG (© 2001 CatchArrow Recordings – Catch 046)

1 1st Movement
2 2nd Movement
3 3rd Movement
4 4th Movement



Album of compositions for synthesizers, op.17. 1987-88. An experimental project of a predominantly space-ambient nature. Remixed in 2002. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch: synthesizers, tape recordings.

Recordings :
MC (© 1987 D.M.Recordings - DMR 01), CDR (© 2002 CatchArrow Recordings – Catch 00D) + bonus track: Me All But Died
DIG (© 2013 CSIndustrial – CSi 004) + bonus track: Selenium

1 Music Of Inner Sleep
2 Theme I: Old Horses
3 Jericho
4 The Song About Your Guilt
5 There Was No Moving Her
6 Theme II: Neglected
7 The Cairn
8 Electric Sound Tissue
9 Meanless
10 Lackadaisical
11 Rigid And Frigid
12 Dance Of Blue Cells
13 Theme III: Piliformis
14 Afterwards
15 Theme IV: Soulbreaker
16 Invasion 68
17 Stereotyped
18 Music Of Inner Sleep II