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2014 :
* The album THE SHEEP BARN ETERTAINMENT under the heading of SUBPOP SQUEEZE, remastered by Neil Nessel (LBA Records) released by U.S.label Alkemy Brothers (Black Work series), on November 27, 2014.
* At present, Vladimír Hirsch is working on the new album of his resurrected project Subpop Squeeze, which is planned for release in 2015. Simultaneously, Vladimír Hirsch is working on the album HEPTALOGUE and revised version of HORAE, an extensive composition for organ and integrated techniques.

2013 :
* Revised & remastered SKROL album "DANCES & MARCHES FOR THE ORPHAN AGE" released by CS Industrial on December 13.
* The compilation "SELECTED ORGAN & PIANO WORKS" released on May 19th by Integrated Music Records.
* The album "EPIDEMIC MIND" re-released on April 8 by German label SuRRism Phonoethics.
* CD "ELYSIUM" by TIRIA released by LBA Composers on April 1.
* The album "CASUAL CRIME" re-released digitally by LBA Records label on April 20.

2012 :
* The album "MISSA ARMATA . INVOCATIONES" - two conceptual works on one CD released by Ars Benevola Mater label


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2 albums in ONE - CD contains two thematically similar works, original version of the battle Mass "Missa Armata" (1999) - in English "Mass in Armor" and "Invocationes" (2001), a cycle of musical prayers. Tracklist - Missa Armata: 1.Introitus, 2.Kyrie, 3.Gloria, 4.Credo, 5.Sanctus, 6.Agnus Dei, 7.Exodus, Invocationes: 8.Invocatio I, 9.Invocatio II, 10.Invocatio III, 11.Invocatio IV.

CD (© 2012 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM 44), jewel case.


The revisited version of Symphony No.4 on live performance. Tracklist: Part I. Introduktion: Da riss der Vorhang entzwei, Part II. Die Nacht unter dem Kreuz, Part III. Die Kreuzabnahme, Part IV. Der Weg vom Golgotha, Part V. Voll Blut und Wunden, Part VI. Die Grablegung, Part VII. Apotheose, Part VIII. Epilog.

CD (© 2010 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM39), digipack.


The album with two extensive Compositions for integrated techniques contemplation on the theme of the book "Teologia spiritualis mystica". Tracklist: 1. Contemplatio per negationem (Vestibulum - Obscuritas - Sitis - Tortio sensuum), 2. Contemplatio per affirmationem (Oratio quietis - Somnus potentiarum - Coniunctio).

CD (© 2009 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM33), special digipack.


Thematic album for integrated ensemble, choir and sola, originally stage play music. Tracklist: 1 Introduction, 2 Adversaire, 3 Espaces interdits, 4 Antischerzo, 5 Cris du feu, 6 Transfugue, 7 Orea Nexx, 8 Arc extatique, 9 La dernière défense, 10 Sacrifice au irrationel.

CD (© 2009 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM32), special digipack.


Thematic dark-ambient album for integrated ensemble (1999) in revised version (2006). Tracklist: 1 Confiteor, 2 Paligenesis, 3 Ecce Crux, 4 Synaestheseum, 5 Quadrivia, 6 In Hoc Signo, 7 Averte!, 8 Essentia Quinta, 9 Ufarsin

CD (© 2009 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM31).

VLADIMÍR HIRSCH / SYMPHONY NO.4 "Descent From The Cross"

Symphony for integrated orchestra and choir and sola, op. 67B. Created 2001-2005. Tracklist: 1. Part I: After Expiry, 2. Part II: Night Under The Cross, 3. Part III: The Descent, 4. Part IV: The Pass From Golgotha, 5. Part V: Entombment, 6. Part VI: Apotheosis, 7. Part VII: Marc VI/16.

CD (© 2008 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM30), special digipack.


Concerto for organ, sythesizers, elctronics, percussions and integrated ensemble, op. 49. Created 1998. Revised version. Tracklist: 1 Part I. Ouverture, 2 Part II. Essai, 3 Part III. Intermède, 4 Part IV. Ensemble

CD (© 2007 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM29), special digipack.


Album of compositions for synthesizers, electronics, percussions and digital technique. Created 1998. Instrumental version of Zygote's album "Geometrie nevědomí". Tracklist: 1 Tetragons (Fig.1), 2 Triangles (Fig.1) Inside Cylindric Channels, 3 Circles (Fig.1), 4 Abscissas System (Fig.1) In Pentagonal Column, 5 Ellipsis Segments 6 Triangles (Fig.2), 7 Circles (Fig.2) In Tetragonal Structure, 8 Abscissas System (Fig.2), 9 Tetragons (Fig.2), 10 Chain Of Ellipsoid Figures

CD (© 2006 Ars Benevola Mater - ABM25), special digipack.


Conceptual album. 2000-2008. SKROL: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, digital technique, mix, vocal, Martina Sanollová - vocal, Tom Saivon - lyrics, production. Originally instrumental album, re-worked as fully conceptual title and presents also some of unreleased compositions in new versions. Tracks:1. Initium, 2. Article One, 3. Bread Of Deceit, 4. Spiral Aura, 5. Dogma And Ritual, 6. Lex Lacerationis, 7. Columns, 8. Article Two, 9. Orphan Age, 10. The Rite Of Love And Death, 11. Agony Of Faith, 12. Return To Chaos, 13. Postscript.

CD (© 2009 Twilight Records - TW 1.59), digipack.


The album in the relationship between dark-ambient or post-industrial matrix with main, electronically balanced structure of songs. TIRIA: Vladimír Hirsch - music, instruments, and electronics, Tom Saivon - lyrics, additional sounds, El - vocals, spoken word, Timothy Simmons - spoken word. Tracks: 1. Xenos, 2. Burning Touch, 3. Hurt, 4. Anger, 5. Heritage, 6. Faith, 7. Bodies, 8. Surveillance, 9. Black Tongue, 10. Elysium, 11. Apparition. The album is available for order on LBA Composers or

© 2013 LBA Composers (CDR or DIG)


The compilative album from conceptual dark ambient experimental album "Optem Spectris" and a collection of remixes with the name "Out Of The Ax". LUMINAR AX: Vladimír Hirsch - all instruments, digital technique, Dove Hermosa - vocal. Tracklist: 1. Dark Aurora, 2. Pulsating Lucency, 3. Insignia, 4. Vitreous Anterior, 5. Angel Of Insanity, 6. Inverted Mirror, 7. White Sonorific Quadrant, 8. Crying Memory, 9. Iris Submergion, 10. Verdict Of Incandescence, 11. Psalm 77.

© 2013 LBA Records (DIG)


Since September 2006, Vladimír Hirsch's main solo works created in the period between 1997 to 2008, had been stepwise released on 7 discs (500 copies each). The new set includes albums previously released separately together with new material presented in the "THE ASSENT TO PARADOXON" box set. The set includes following projects: SENSE GEOMETRY, CONCERT INDUSTRIEL POUR ORGUE, SYMPHONY No.4 "Descent From The Cross", EXORCISMS, LES SCÈNES ARDENTES, CONTEMPLATIO PER NEXUS and two CDs only as a component of the box, NONTERRA and a bonus CD, UNDERLYING SCAPES, for those that ordered the box set before 31st March 2010. Released by Italian independent label ARS BENEVOLA MATER.

The collection represents the survey of development of the musicians´s creative effort in his self described concept of "integrated music", working with new forms of contemporary classical, dark ambient and ambient industrial music. His creative direction aims toward the modern form of classical music. Through the instrumentation and exploitation of new sonic characteristics created by the force of digital techniques upon classical instruments and the integration of these sounds into ambient structures, his music characterizes the contemporary post-industrial likeness of our world. Through these techniques, Vladimir Hirsch strives to reach an organic incorporation of seemingly distinct and irreconcilable elements into a living form. All albums were performed by Vladimir Hirsch (all keyboard instruments, digital technique) with some participation of Czech Integrated Ensemble and soloists Dawn Hermosa (vocal, lyrics), Martina Sanollová & Dominika Karčovská (vocals). The box set official release date is 17th May, 2010.

Quotes: The artist can do nothing else but search for the meaning of life, for its matter, disregarding what will be and without pretension to its fruition. I am in the conviction that my music primarily wants to be an authentic scan of my mind. I often hear: "Why is your music so dark?“ I don’t reason in similar categories. It is the subject of slanted thinking, addictions or standards of individual perception. The substance of light does not exist without the dark. I reject all kinds of spurious affirmation and optimism. It fills me up with more darkness than the blackest despair. (V.Hirsch for RUMORE magazíne)

"Classical influences, choirs and dark industrialism are the core of Vladimir's music, never sounds relaxed. Every work represents a step of the human race's decay and the music is its soundtrack. Melodies have counterpart dissonances which sometimes sound linked to contemporary classical more than to industrial music. For this reason Vladimir is a peculiar musician in the industrial scene, because he's more than that and "The Assent to Paradoxon" is the perfect way to explore his vision" (Maurizio Pustianaz).

Order: Ars Benevola Mater


"Music composition whether in a simple or sophisticated form, must exhibit a moment when all its springs merge into one powerful current that lifts Man above his being - an ecstatic eruption transporting us above ourselves. Solely this moment gives meaning to music and justifies its existence on a higher sphere."

Vladimír Hirsch


December 12, 2014:

Vladimír Hirsch as SUBPOP SQUEEZE





“Hirsch's creation of unrestrained power, mysterious whispers, drones, synth lines etc, finally constituting a defined wholeness and totality of sound, so vast and universal, so definitively orchestral. This aspect is clearly where his expertise resides, to create a whole atmospheric undercurrent where the listener himself submerges into a specific context and ultimately finds the mystery that lies in this philosophic aural evocation. The music preserves a cadence, this aspect gives an ever evolving dynamism to the orchestral narrative and its defined industrialized rhythm permeates the work within a clear post industrial context, a temporized machine march that commands the movements setting the pace for each section in a rather paused way, accenting the terrible tragic mood from its aural offering.”

Heathen Harvest


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